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By Romulo Aromin

Substance abuse via kids, youngsters, and teens is a becoming challenge which can reason nice misery inside of a family members and threaten the kid s improvement or maybe his or her existence. while you are the dad or mum, caregiver, or friend of a kid who's fighting substance abuse difficulties, or in the event you suspect your baby may need an issue, a hundred Questions & solutions approximately Your baby s Substance Abuse can supply aid. This publication is an authoritative and elementary consultant that would increase your wisdom of this and resolution your questions on factors, prognosis, cures, and resources of aid. This publication is a useful source for folks and relatives dealing with the risk, emotional turmoil, and uncertainty of drug and alcohol abuse.

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36. What is the usual dosage and period of time for which steroids are administered? For their performance-enhancing effects, testosterone preparations are usually given by injection at doses of 25–200 mg weekly. Doses are abused to as much as three times the recommended use. Steroids taken by mouth range from 35 to 200 mg weekly and are abused up to four times the recommended dose. Usually, injection and oral forms are used during a 6–12-week cycle. Injectable preparations are less likely to cause liver problems.

Known as psychological dependence, this dependence is manifested as craving or loss of sense of control over use. When this occurs, other drug-seeking behaviors are seen, like stealing money from family members, selling family possessions to buy drugs, drug dealing, and worse, prostitution. 54. Can you explain the 12-month period as part of a diagnosis? Although a diagnosis of substance abuse or dependence is based on meeting the criteria for 12 months, adolescents can have significant problems even before reaching the 1-year cutoff.

4. Increasing retail price of alcohol Increasing minimum drinking age Restricting hours and days of alcohol use Zero tolerance policies for driving while under the influence of alcohol 5. Establishing limits on the retail sale of alcohol 6. indb 36 10/25/10 10:22 AM PART FOUR Steroid Use in Adolescents My son is into sports at school. What type of drugs might he encounter as an athlete? What is the usual dosage and period of time for which steroids are administered? What are the telltale signs of steroid abuse?

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