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By Susan Albers

Food has the ability to briefly alleviate pressure and disappointment, improve pleasure, and convey us convenience after we want it so much. it truly is no ask yourself specialists estimate that seventy five percentage of overeating is brought on by way of our feelings, no longer actual starvation. the excellent news is you could in its place soothe your self via dozens of aware actions which are fit for either physique and mind.

Susan Albers, writer of Eating Mindfully, now bargains 50 how one can Soothe your self with no Food, a suite of mindfulness talents and practices for enjoyable the physique in instances of rigidity and finishing your dependence on consuming as a way of dealing with tough feelings. you will not just realize effortless how you can soothe urges to overeat, you are going to additionally find out how to differentiate emotion-driven starvation from fit starvation. achieve for this publication rather than the fridge subsequent time you are feeling the urge to snack-these choices are only as satisfying!

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For example, if you don’t enjoy gardening, perhaps you might notice that fishing provides similar benefits to those listed under this technique—it gets you outside and puts you in a relaxed state. It is also important to point out that this book has many examples and quotes from people coping with overeating problems. However, undereating and restrictive eating habits are also linked to deficits in self-soothing. So if you use restrictive eating to calm yourself or to feel in control of your emotions, consider using these healthy coping mechanisms instead.

These actions feel purposeful and seem to fill the time productively. Conditioning. Parents, often unintentionally, reinforce the connection between self-soothing and eating very early in a child’s life. Using a bottle to pacify a crying baby is a prime example. Parents find it easier to use a bottle rather than rocking or singing to the infant because the bottle (or the breast) works so well. Fast-forward to this child as a toddler. Her mother gives the child a cookie to distract from the pain of a scraped knee.

Rachel’s emotional eating was becoming a problem. The same cycle was repeating over and over again. Stress. Need comfort. Need to eat. Feel relief. Feel good. Positive feeling fades. Feel guilt. Need soothing. More stress about guilt and weight gain. Begin cycle again. Although eating provided a temporary emotional patch, the major downside was that she was gaining weight. She hated stepping on the scale, because every time she weighed herself the numbers seemed to go up. It didn’t matter whether she was experiencing a major or a minor stress.

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