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By Richard E. Prior

The main everyday 510 Latin verbs are prepared alphabetically in a desk layout, one verb consistent with web page with English translation. every one verb is totally conjugated and provided in all types. The book's extra gains comprise instance sentences to illustrate verb utilization and a grammar assessment.

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Appellare appellavisse appellatiirus (-a, -um) esse Pres. Perf. Fut. ; appellassis = appellaveris Compounds and related words: appellatio, -onis, f. a naming; appellator, -is, m. an appellant Model sentence: Nunc vero exsul patria, . . quo accedam aut quos appellem? - Sallust 56 arbitror arbitror, arbitriifi, arbitriitus sum think, perceive ACTIVE INDICATIVE Pres. arbitror arbitraris (-re) arbitratur arbitramur arbitramini arbitrantur lmpf arbitrabar arbitrabaris (-re) arbitrabatur arbitrabamur arbitrabamini arbitrabantur Fut.

Fut. aggredi aggressus (-a, -um) esse aggressiirus (-a, -um) esse PARTICIPLE Active Pres. Pelf. Fut. Passive aggrediens, (-ntis) aggressus (-a, -um) aggressiirus (-a, -um) aggrediendus (-a, -um) (GERUNDIVE) GERUND aggrediendi, -o, -um, -o SUPINE aggressum, -ii Alternate form s: adgredior, etc. ; adgredire = aggrederis; adgrediri = aggredi ; adgredirier = aggredi; adgretus = aggressus ompou nds and related words: aggressio, -onis, f. introduction (to a speech) S · · J(rndior for other compounds of this verb.

Circuit, bribery Model sentence: Virtute ambire oportet, nonfautoribus. -Plautus 50 ambulO ambulo, ambuliire, ambuliivi, ambuliitum walk, navigate ACTIVE PASSIVE INDICATIVE -----~-----Pres. O ambulatis ambulas am bu lat ambulant ambulatur ambulantur lmpf ambulabam ambulabamus ambulabas ambulabatis ambulabat ambulabant ambulabatur ambulabantur Fut. ambulabo ambulabimus ambulabis ambulabitis ambulabit ambulabunt ambulabitur ambulabutur Perf. ambulavi ambulavimus ambulavisti ambulavistis ambulati (-ae, -a) sunt ambulavit ambulaverunt (-ere) ambulatus (-ae, -a) est Plup.

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