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By Jack Erdmann

To a newly sober individual, the area could be a scary position. engaging messages approximately alcohol, cigarettes, intercourse, and extra threaten newfound sobriety, whereas chemical comforts not supply a well-known get away path. In his sequel to his acclaimed autobiography Whiskey's youngsters, Jack Erdmann bargains a hauntingly sincere account of his first days of sobriety. A Bar on each nook offers very important navigational bearings for secure passage throughout the dangers of early restoration.

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But my mind. I take it with me on my long walks like a rat in a party hat. They tell me that when you start to drink like an alcoholic, you arrest your emotions. Got that right. I’m scared, therefore I am. I try not to turn on the television in the afternoon. In my head, I can see every 33 A Bar on Every Corner afternoon set in the county—the drawn shades, the blank eyes, and the cans of Campbell’s soup still in grocery bags on kitchen tables. It’s better to walk. A dog is what I need. Steve has friends of his own.

I haven’t met the others but what the hell, they’ll be kids just like Steve. I’ll be a stabilizing influence. There’s a yard, and I can have a dog. On a Tuesday we start to move and I carry out our one big chair and get a sudden, very real sense of the 34 Chapter Three apartment as a living thing with two sticky, vapory paws on my shoulders. Steve has the hood to the engine compartment open, and he’s just standing there looking in. ” I walk around to the back of the van. He points inside to the left of the battery, and I can see the top of a bottle with its green tax stamp.

He washes dishes and goes to school. I walk. My legs are starting to shake a little. I’ve got to get very tired. I’ve got to feel like I’ve done something. This morning they all said good-bye to me. I stood on the porch at Duffy’s and Ali brought her big blue convertible around to the steps. Duffy’s has a big, curved drive to the main building. There are five cypresses planted in a tight circle in the middle of the front grounds. Ali sat there waiting for me. She’s a fine woman. She helped me through the worst of the horrors.

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