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S\S\ addda, A species of mezereum. A iddrat (pi. ). g <_5*\)M addrdqi, A kind of Indian medicine, of an acrid and poisonous quality, dog's-bane. n. 4 of Turning round, going in a circle ; causing to revolve ; — iddra'i jdmi himdtn, A handing round of the deadly cup. tjijM addrin (in Zand and Pazand), Hideous; wicked, bad. i addsh, Of the same name as another. M ada-fahm, Understanding by signs, skilled in the arts of blandishment. i

Jl arsdnlqnn, Yellow orpiment. yt drast, Ability, power; decoration; —drast, arast, The upper or higher part of pack-saddles; plumpness in the hips (of animals). (jjOA-^ arastdan, To adorn; to be able. drastan, araatan, To adorn; to be able. arastu, A swallow j swallow-wort. ^ arastd, Aristotle. arista, Henbane. g arast at alis, Lr-*^^3—^ arast at dlis, Aristotle. o aristulukhiyd, Long birthwort, G aristo, Aristotle ; the herb birthwort. T drsldn, arsldn, A lion ; surname adopted by several kings of Persia.

A ad'iyat (pi. of du'd), Salutft- tions, congratulations, compliments, wishes, prayers, blessings. n. 4 of Inserting one letter into another; doubling it by tashdid; coalescence. ady&ar, A summer-house ;—adgjkar, A vent-hole. A adgkam, Black about the face; black-nosed; one who speaks through his nose. n. 4 of Warming; clothing in warm raiment. adfar, A nephew; an uncle (see i ^ ) . A adaqq, More or most subtile, minute, slender, thin; abstruse, recondite, obscure. n. 4 of Pounding, pulverizing; attenuating, making thin, slender and tine ; speaking abstrusely.

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