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In slow speech it is [k i]. The tone of the morpheme whose final vowel is replaced remains and is realized on the new syllable. , the sequence Vi+ V2 may result in V2 or in V2V2- In normal speech only one vowel is produced after replacement. In lento speech two vowels are rearticulated. Both of these cases are illustrated by the following examples: (62) tä OBJ -> [timi] water (63) ndä fi ASSC ISO 'with me' -> [ndfi] (64) tä OBJ -> [tuü'ä] (65) sä imi —> [siimi] drink water 'to drink water" u'wä milk The first-person singular object marker -ixä and the subject clitic /replace the final vowel of the verb.

Constraints imposed by the manner of articulation In addition to the place of articulation, there are also constraints with respect to the secondary characteristics of consonants that prevent certain clusters from occurring. Clusters consisting of globalized consonants 4. Consonant devoicing 25 followed by lateral continuant are disallowed: *c/h/, *

Vowel epenthesis Three factors motivate vowel epenthesis: syllable structure conditions, consonant clusters constraints, and the realization of grammatical tone. The syllable structure condition requires a vowel insertion if a disallowed syllable structure were going to occur as a result of the affixation process. Thus if a disallowed syllabic onset or coda were going to emerge, an epenthetic vowel must be inserted. The tone realization conditions require a vowel insertion, if the absence of the tone were about to affect the grammatical coding that is realized by the tone.

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