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This can be the 1st full-length reference grammar of Mam, a Mayan language spoken at the present time by way of over 400,000 humans within the western highlands of Guatemala and the country of Chiapas, Mexico. the results of over 3 years of intensive fieldwork in Guatemala, A Grammar of Mam, a Mayan Language is predicated at the dialect of Mam spoken by way of 12,000 humans in San Ildefonso Ixtahuacan within the division of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. England organizes A Grammar of Mam in accordance with complementary ideas: to investigate Mam following essentially conventional degrees of grammatical description and to provide fabric in the sort of approach that the history details valuable for figuring out every one subject of debate shall were formerly supplied. consequently, England's research of the sound process and morphophonemic procedures of Mam is via an outline of the features of root, inflectional, and derivational morphology. Chapters on word constitution precede chapters on sentence-level syntax. A Grammar of Mam is of specific curiosity in reading a Mayan language that's either syntactically and morphologically ergative and that's leading edge towards strengthening the ergative process. certainly in any respect degrees of linguistic association Mam is cutting edge, and hence it's uniquely attention-grabbing either traditionally and theoretically.

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3-12) Xwaan 'Juan' Liina 'Catarina' Wiit Miintz 'Mendez' 'Natividad' Patient 3. t-neej-a1 0-u1 aaj qo7-ya There are two different sets of non-verbal predicates--one 3s-FIRST-ord num 3sA-dir RETURN STATIVE/lpA-lp ex awtorisaa7ra-1 t-e AUTHORIZE-inf NON-VERBAL PREDICATES which has stative functions and the other which has locative komitee or existential functions. 2). kub' t-b'iyoo-n rec dir t-iib' xiinaq The structure of the two sets of non-verbal predicates is similar. 3sE-KILL-ap 3s-RN/refl MAN Each has a base which signals its type, to which is then added person markers which closely resemble the absolutive (Set B) 'The man killed himself.

Or (x)b'onk- 'standing or sitting, a fat person' (ch)renky- 'standing or sitting, a person with fat legs' possessor, and non-verbal predicates are inflected for person. chank­ 'thrown down, a spool or a leafless branch' If we consider that the person inflections on non-verbal pre­ (ch)jenky­ 'standing, a fat person' dicates are variants of the absolutive person markers, then (x)lanch­ I we can summarize the distribution of person markers as follows: (x)lank­ 'standing or sitting, a person without shoes' Ergative Marker Functions: Absolutive Marker Functions: (x)lenky­ 'standing, sitting, lying, of a fat person l Agent of Transitive Verb Patient of Transitive Verb slinky­ 'standing, Sitting, lying, of a naked person' Possessor of Noun Subject of Intransitive xhlunk­ 'without branches, of a standing tree' Verb (xh)tunk- 'sitting or standing, a one-armed or one­ Subject of Stative or Exis­ tential/Locative Predicate 5.

MORPHOPHONEMICS initial glottal stop by rote, implying that it is non­ distinctive for the native speaker. Mam at the PLFM thought it unnecessary. Morphophonemic processes primarily involve vowels. The vari­ ous changes which occur are principally due to tendencies which involve unstressed vowels, constraints against vowel clusters, and historical tendencies towards harmony and dis­ harmony. in Mam. Vowels have been much less stable than consonants Other alternations have to do with glottals and nasals.

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