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By Alla Renee Bozarth Ph.D

For these people operating throughout the heartbreak of grief, writer Bozarth bargains clever and comforting recommendation.

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They grow themselves into new life. This doesn't sound easy, and Page 29 it isn't, but it is possible. And when it does happen, it's wonderful. Besides integrity and creativity, trust in yourself is essential in the art of grieving well, just as it is in the art of living well. recognize them as your own. Feel your feelings. They won't destroy you, because you can learn to express them safely and constructively with the reassuring help of others. Care for yourself. In coping with grievous loss, make life as healing as possible for yourself.

If you are a person who doesn't cry, or if you need to cry but can't for some reason in this particular situation, an outside stimulus for catharsis may be useful. A movie, play, piece of music, or a book may trigger tears unexpectedly. If you begin crying for a character in a movie or a piece of literature, or weeping over a situation in a song or commercial, no matter how inane it may seem to you, let it be. Let yourself yield to the expressive emotion in the moment, recognizing that you have begun to weep for yourself and thus have reached an important stage in self-healing.

To re-member your Self is to for-give, to give (Be)fore to yourself blessing: healing from the wound by means of the wound itself; and comfort: deep strength with deep peace. Bless you, Be comforted. From the moment that holds you, begin anew. Page 41 Loving the Body I have lost my place. My body has become a foreign country. I no longer know its maps or rules. What languages it speaks are silent to me or frighten me to silence by their strangeness. They seem harsh. They come from nerve, and grate.

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