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HERMIA Be it so, Lysander: find you out a bed, For I upon this bank will rest my head. Chinese Simplified aloof: 超然, 离开. approach: 靠近, 逼近, 态度, 来临, 上来. bank: 银行, 岸. boar: 公猪. cat: 猫. comfort: 安慰. etc: 等等, 会长, 多大, 贲临, 所长, 白脸, 武术, 帮闲, 梆子腔, 慰问, 跑江湖. eye: 眼睛, 目, 鼻儿. faint: 暗淡, 隐约, 昏厥, 微弱. flower: 花, 花儿, 华, 花朵, 开花. forgot: 忘记. languish: 憔悴, 凋谢, 衰弱. melody: 旋律. nor: 也不. ounce: 盎司, 安士. rest: 休息, 安息, 其余. sentinel: 哨兵, 步哨. snail: 蜗牛. speak: 说, 讲. stand: 站住, 主张, 架子, 站立, 耐, 站, 架. tarry: 耽搁, 逗留. troth: 誓言. vile: 恶劣, 恶劣的.

Mockery: 嘲笑. nor: 也不. perforce: 不得已地. raven: 掠夺, 乌鸦, 渡鸦. reason: 理由, 道理, 原因, 缘故, 缘由, 情理. ripe: 熟, 成熟. sleep: 梦寐, 睡觉, 睡眠, 睡. stories: 故事. sweet: 甜, 甜食, 糖果. tedious: 乏味, 厌烦的. till: 直到. touching: 动人. troth: 誓言. true: 真实, 确实, 确有其事, 真正, 属实, 对头, 真正的. written: 书面, 成文, 笔头, 书写. William Shakespeare The %deepest loathing to the stomach brings; Or, as the heresies that men do leave Are hated most of those they did deceive; So thou, my surfeit and my heresy, Of all be hated, but the most of me! And, all my powers, address your love and might To honour Helen, and to be her knight!

Ladies: 女洗手间. marvellous: 不平凡, 不简单, 惊人的. met: 遇见了. pat: 轻拍, 拍, 恰好的, 人为的. please: 请, 使高兴. plot: 策划, 情节, 策略, 阴谋, 绘图, 标绘图. rehearsal: 排练, 排演. stage: 舞台, 阶段, 层次, 发动, 段. sword: 剑. % STARVELING I believe we must leave the killing out, when all is done. BOTTOM Not a whit: I have a device to make all well. Write me a prologue; and let the prologue seem to say we will do no harm with our swords, and that Pyramus is not killed indeed; and for the more better assurance, tell them that I Pyramus am not Pyramus but Bottom the weaver: this will put them out of fear.

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