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Novell Cluster Services for Linux and NetWare

Have to configure or deal with Novell Cluster companies on NetWare, Linux or a combined atmosphere? choose up a duplicate of the respectable reference consultant, Novell Cluster providers for Linux and NetWare. This booklet blends in-depth details with sensible, actual global examples to hide cluster prone configuration concepts, backup necessities, cluster companies administration, and upgrading strategies.

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A book/CD-ROM consultant to Samba management, with chapters on set up, configuration, and optimization, and fabric on contemporary additions reminiscent of integration with home windows NT domain names and the SWAT photograph configuration device. is going in the course of the computing device facet of set up intimately, and offers examples for either home windows 95/98 and home windows NT, in addition to examples for universal Unix working platforms comparable to Linux 2.

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This can be THE publication for site owners, builders, and IT departments seeking to create subtle web purposes with open-source applied sciences. constructing Lamp teaches you ways to boost an entire internet server resolution from the floor up. you will methods to set up, configure, use, and combine all 4 LAMP components--Linux working process, Apache internet server, MySQL database supervisor, and personal home page programming language.

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Chapter 6 gives a detailed discussion of ZFS disk usage. A dataset’s children include snapshots, volumes, and child datasets, as you’ll see throughout this book. Finally we have the filesystem mount point. The zroot ZFS is not mounted. Look at the second entry, named zroot/ROOT. This is a ZFS dataset created for the root filesystem. Like the zroot pool, it isn’t mounted. It refers 96 KB of data. This apparently isn’t used, which seems strange for a root filesystem. The third entry, zroot/ROOT/default, is the current root filesystem.

If you buy a whole bunch of identical disks, they might all be made on the same day or in the same batch. A bad day at the manufacturing plant can bite you hard. Sadly, disk retailers can’t ship you drives made on different days or in different batches. The best you can do is to have each array include drives made by multiple manufacturers. Physical Redundancy FreeBSD supports multipath storage, allowing you to work around many hardware problems. Rearranging your hardware might increase the system’s availability and reliability.

Note the serial number of each drive as you install it in the array. Physically label each drive tray as you install it by physical location and serial number. Yes, this is tedious舒but you’ll eventually need this information. You can do this work in peace and quiet at your own pace, or you can desperately rush through it during an artificially prolonged and unnecessarily stressful outage. Now either install FreeBSD or boot live media. Use camcontrol devlist to get a list of all your storage devices, then run diskinfo -v on each storage device node to get its serial number.

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