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By F. Nihan Ketrez

A pupil Grammar of Turkish is a concise creation to Turkish grammar, designed in particular for English-speaking scholars and execs. Written with the desires of the learner a great deal in brain, it units out the grammar of the language in a transparent and jargon-free variety. The e-book not just explains the basics of the grammar, but additionally exams scholars' realizing in an interactive approach with greater than 2 hundred workouts. Key grammar issues are summarised in tables and there are many illustrative examples. a listing of grammatical phrases utilized in the e-book and a key to the entire workouts also are supplied. This crucial grammar and workout e-book can be utilized as a complement for college kids learning the language, with a twin functionality as a reference advisor to seem up grammar issues, and as a source from which workouts could be set and language talents practised.

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For a discussion of the tense markers on nouns, see Chapters 12 and 13. For a discussion of person markers on nouns, see Chapter 18. 3 Derivation of nouns Nouns are derived from verbs, adjectives, and other nouns by means of suffixation. 4 Nominal compounds Another way of making nouns is compounding. Here are some examples for “bare compounds” that do not have a compound marker. They are not very different from the 24 The noun: an overview compounds in English in terms of their derivation. The only challenging part is their unpredictable way of spelling.

Izmir otob¨us¨u iniyorlar. 4. Turistler bu durakta Bes¸iktas¸ otob¨us¨u iniyorlar. 5. Turistler bu durakta otob¨us okutman. 6. Amcam bir u¨ niversite kars¸ılas¸tım. 7. D¨un alıs¸veris¸ merkezinde matematik o¨ g˘ retmenim ˙ vapurla mı gidiyor? 8. Ali Italyanca kursu sizde mi unutmus¸uz? 9. Bizim evin anahtarı bayılıyoruz. 10. Annenin c¸ilek rec¸eli 52 Genitive and possessive Exercise 16 Fill in the blanks with possessive markers and case markers. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. luk mutlu imiz cik kedi e ler su portakal yu i o¨ g˘ renci nde u¨ niversite ler s¸eker elma i kocaman ‘ın lar Aslıhan kırmızı balon ı dan ayakkabı ımız lar ¨ Universite si Yale ‘nde ˙ lar lu Istanbul de im yeme˘g Exercise 2 Now take one noun stem from the first column below and add some suffixes to make a longer noun. Follow the vowel and consonant cues. Attach at least one suffix to each stem. You may use each suffix only once. Stems araba bakkal ev sokak oyuncak saat Suffixes -c¸ı -c¸i -c¸u¨ -da -de -i -lar -ler -lı˘g -mız -n -ta 25 A STUDENT GRAMMAR OF TURKISH terminal bilgisayar arkadas¸ Ankara Erol s¨ut elma -imiz -ımız -ın -ya -u Exercise 3 Here is another set.

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