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By Jaideva Singh, Paul Muller-Ortega

This can be a lengthy remark on a brief Tantra. the most authoritative and honored texts in Kashmir Shaivism, it bargains with the character of final fact and with tools of consciousness concentrating on the idea and perform of Mantra. Abhinavagupta offers his metaphysics of language, of the realm (Vak), and its relation to awareness. He calls it 'the instructing of the key of the Trika doctrine.'

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By means of the body, prdna, and puryasfaka. e. e. the divine Being)*’ (Sp. K. I, 8). , being endowed with the power of omniscience proceed to carry out their assigned functions towards the embodied ones just as the senses of the embodied ones by resorting to the power of spanda proceed to carry out their (specific) functions” (Sp. K. 1 1,1 ). e. though it is present in every one, it is not realized by all. Siddhi means, according to the principle already described, liberation in life itself (in the form of identity with the divine consciousness) generating the m uch sought-after supernormal 34 Pard-Trtiikd-Vivarana powers, animd13 etc.

5 upto devatdvyavahdrah on p. 3,1. 14 T r a n s l a t io n (She is called Devi because of the following reasons:) 1. , she sports with the creative delight of her consciousness, for the root ‘rfiV from which the noun Devi is derived means ‘to sport*. 2. T he Divine Bhairava transcends everything and abides in an all-exceeding eminence. e. e. ‘the desire to overcome and surpass* (there being no differ­ ence between Bhairava and His divine energy, Bhairavi). 3. , she is called deni for the root ‘rfiV also means ‘to carry on the activities o f life’.

8 Anuttara is that where these don’t exist. 13. Anuttara may be analysed into a-\-nut-\-tara. T he noun ‘nut’ is derived from the root ‘nud’ which means to impel, to push, and tara means crossing, going beyond the worldly existence. Nuttara would, therefore, mean ‘going beyond the worldly existence through impulsion’ by the process of initiation. T he guru (spiritual guide) sets in motion his own consciousness in the consciousness of the disciple. Thus he (the guru) applies an initiation which is intended to bring about liberation (moksada) by means of the process (paripdlya) of the central point (oisuoat)® etc.

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