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By Beverly Conyers

Witnessing the dependancy of a loved one or friend is a heart-rending adventure. yet wish can be successful, as proven during this compelling new ebook. right here, the gripping tales of fathers, moms, sons, and daughters of addicts provide vital classes on loving, detachment, intervention, and self care.

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They may well have failed the addicts in some significant way. ) But addicts bring up these problems not to clear the air or with the hope of healing old wounds. They bring them up solely to induce guilt, a tool with which they manipulate others in pursuit of their continued addiction. Addicts are, in 31 32 Addict in the Family general, pitiful people. Many of them struggle with depression. For those in treatment, a dual diagnosis of depression and addiction is not uncommon, although it is sometimes difficult to determine whether or not the depression stems from addiction.

I wanted to kill myself. ” Lia, too, suffered deeply because of her addiction. She said: “One time I was in this halfway house and people were talking about prostitution, and I could not even envision it. Never in my wildest dreams. You know what I mean? It just was not in my vision.

The sponsor knew nothing about a lunch date and had not seen her son in some time. Another mother remembered her daughter’s elaborate lie about someone she had met in a support group: “She told me she’d met a nice girl, a Hispanic woman named Maria who had three children. She told me this whole story about 25 26 Addict in the Family Maria’s life and the hard times she’d been through and how she lived with her mother and on and on. I eventually found out there was no Maria. ” Lying not only conceals or minimizes an addiction problem, but it also allows addicts to pretend that life is the way they wish it could be.

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