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By Jane Velez-Mitchell

American citizens are being lured into dependancy. And what we are addicted to is not unavoidably unlawful or maybe challenging to come back through. Prescription medicines are making us excessive. speedy nutrients is making us fats. the web retains us regularly distracted with every little thing from playing and porn to compulsive social networking. tv bombards us with glamorized violence. From billboards, to on-line pop ups, to ads. . . we are seduced into paying for extra stuff we do not want whereas we drown in becoming debt. vast gains fill the wallet of a handful of 'pushers' on the rate of every body else. companies, govt, and the media are developing the appearance that the extra now we have, the higher we're, and so we crave no matter what they're promoting and develop into hooked on their items within the strategy. american citizens are being seduced into self-destructivebehavior on a mass scale. it is time to take our energy again. In her trademark no-holds-barred kind, Jane Velez-Mitchell asks, 'Do you actually need to be a slave, current simply to make another individual wealthy and powerful?' If the answer's no, then learn this e-book. Addict kingdom is our blueprint for swap, yet first we needs to see what's rather happening. this can be an intervention!

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Yippee! Not having a car frees up a lot of time and money. I also didn’t miss that fancy big-screen TV I had left behind. It used to seduce me into watching way too many movies. It would turn out that I had almost everything I needed to feel comfortable: my favorite music, my hookup to the Internet, and my mom’s countless books. A health food store a few blocks away would keep me supplied with the sage and lavender oils that I love to luxuriate in. I also picked up a few vanilla-scented soy candles and some sticks of pine incense.

Freedom of choice implies that you have the free will to make a rational choice. Freedom of choice implies you are capable of deciding what is in your true self-interest. Addiction messes with that equation. Addiction, by definition, is being powerless to say no to a particular substance or behavior that generally gives you a quick hit of pleasure, but which often results in long-term pain or other negative consequences. The Big Issue Is Addiction Virtually every story I cover on my HLN TV show Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell is, in some way, shape, or form about addiction.

But new addictions just keep cropping up. That’s because all the behavior is driven by the same motive: to “check out,” to numb, and to escape. You’re an addict when your behavior turns into a never-ending cycle of craving, bingeing, remorse, and withdrawal. That hangover, or withdrawal, then triggers a new bout of craving, and the cycle begins again. Here’s one of my addictive cycles. Every night when I leave work, I feel the urge to eat something. No problem there. It’s what I crave that’s the problem.

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