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By Susan Peabody

A seminal paintings on bad and obsessive behaviors in love, and the way to alter habit to have a favorable dating. This 3rd variation incorporates a new advent and revisions to the textual content throughout.
Some indicators of affection dependancy contain love initially sight, over the top fantasizing, irregular jealousy, nagging, and accepting dishonesty.
Even relationships with mom and dad, teenagers, siblings, or buddies could be addictive dependency isn't continually regarding romantic love.

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No, it is not. Sometimes the yearning to love, and be loved, gets split off from romantic ideals and projected onto anyone the love addict feels close to. Then, the addictive process proceeds in much the same manner. The hunger for love becomes a preoccupation with the loved one. This becomes an obsession which later develops into an unhealthy dependency and addiction. I have known people who were addicted to their parents. They could not leave home after they had grown up, or they had to call their parents every day to feel comfortable.

Don’t confuse lust or attraction with love. There is no such experience as love at first sight. Love is the by-product of a healthy relationship. EXCESSIVE FANTASIZING For the love addict, excessive fantasizing plays a prominent role throughout the whole addiction process. When they first fall in love, love addicts trigger their addiction with fantasies about the loved one. Later, when their addiction takes off, it is characterized by an obsessive preoccupation with the loved one, or a constant repetition of thoughts (fantasies) about the new lover.

Therefore, a love addict with an emotionally unhealthy parent will often see addictive (or neurotic) behavior as normal. This makes it especially difficult to recognize and change obsessive behavior—but not impossible. SUGGESTIONS Don’t follow the example set by your parents if you recognize their behavior as being obsessive, addictive, or unhealthy in terms of today’s standards. For instance, you don’t have to be a martyr just because your mother was. ” Find new role-models, and begin forming your own “adult” values.

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