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By Gregory Phillips

Addictions and therapeutic in Aboriginal kingdom establishes a framework for figuring out the problems pertinent to Indigenous addictions to alcohol, gunga and playing and its after-math in a single neighborhood, huge River (a fictitious identify for a true community).

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82 For example, the typical history of women prisoners dually diagnosed as having PTSD and substance abuse was that they were abused as children,83 with PTSD manifesting in adolescence. 86 Herman and Van der Kolk state: 19 Addictions&Healing in Aboriginal Country On the basis of our work with incest victims and Vietnam Veterans we proposed that trauma, especially prolonged trauma at the hands of people on whom one depends for nurturance and security will significantly shape one’s ways of organising one’s schemes and ways of coping with external reality.

Usage •Controlled drinking; •Safeinjecting (injecting rooms); •Health promotion measures; •Drugs, naltrexone etc. continued over 32 Addictions&Healing in Aboriginal Country Table 2 cont. MODEL DEFINITION FEATURES AETIOLOGY STRATEGIES Hazelden/Minnesota • Family disease; • Concepts of • Substance or process ACOA’s, coaddictions. dependency etc; • Self-medication. • Focus on learned behaviour; • Some belief in genetic predisposition). • 12 steps; therapy; • Family interventions; • Residential treatment; • Abstinence.

X. ‘Bama’ is a self-descriptive term used collectively by the Aboriginal peoples of Cape York Peninsula. 27 Addictions&Healing in Aboriginal Country Should Indigenous or Non-Indigenous Explanatory Models Be Used? 157 In other words, western sciences and knowledge production systems often mask their own underlying cultural beliefs, while insisting that their science is beyond such limitations. 158 As Chicano scholar Mirandé notes: Objectivity has been extolled as a virtuous trademark of science ...

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