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By J. A. Callow

This quantity of Advances in Botanical examine incorporating Advances in Plant Pathology comprises 5 stories on a number of issues together with: * Foliar Endophytes and Their Interactions with Host vegetation, with particular connection with the Gymnospermae * crops looking for sun * The Mechanics of Root Anchorage * Molecular Genetics of Sulphate Assimilation * Pathogenecity, Host-specificity, and inhabitants Biology of Taesia spp, Causal brokers of Eyespot illness of Cereals

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The population mean) provided earlier in this chapter are ML estimates, except for the variance where we correct the estimate to reduce bias. The logic of ML estimation is deceptively simple. Given a sample of observations from a population, we find estimates of one (or more) parameter(s) that maximise the likelihood of observing those data. To determine maximum likelihood estimators, we need to appreciate the likelihood function, which provides the likelihood of the observed data (and therefore our sample statistic) for all possible values of the parameter we are trying to estimate.

24. 02. e. 40. 48 (twice original). 02. e. 78 (cf. 40). So more variability in population (and sample) results in a wider confidence interval. 24. 09. e. 90 (cf. 40). So a smaller sample size results in wider interval because our estimates of s and s¯y are less precise. 24. 71. e. 55 (cf. 40). So requiring a greater level of confidence results in a wider interval for a given n and s. variances are very important for the interpretation of variance components in linear models (Chapter 8). 1 Maximum likelihood (ML) A general method for calculating statistics that estimate specific parameters is called Maximum Likelihood (ML).

G. animals in an experiment can either live or die, a particular species of tree can be either present or absent from samples from a forest. A process that can only have one of two outcomes is sometimes called a Bernoulli trial and we often call the two possible outcomes success and failure. e. the trials are independent. The probability distribution of the number of successes in n independent Bernoulli trials is called the binomial distribution, a very important probability distribution in biology: P( y ϭr) ϭ n!

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