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And our gaze must be fixed on the barred windows of a lunatic asylum, in order that we may remember the terrible fact THE SANCTUARY OF THOUGHT that the mental and spiritual are also liable to destruction. [Religion, p. 1520] The Riddle of the Universe All thinking must renounce the attempt to explain the universe. cannot understand what happens in the universe. We What What is glorious in is full of it is united with what meaning is united to what is is full of horror. senseless. The once creative and destructiveit creates while it destroys and destroys while it creates, and therefore it remains to us a riddle.

Itself an optimistic lost. It is, reality, therefore, and to see it as it [Life, p. 281] Faith in Truth The beginning of all spiritual life of any real value is cou- rageous faith in truth and open confession of the same. The most profound religious experience, too, is not alien to thought, but must be capable of derivation from this if it THE STRUGGLE FOR TRUTH 31 to be given a true and deep basis. Mere reflection about the meaning of life has already value in itself. If such reflection should come into being amongst us, the ideals, again is born of vanity and of passion, which now flourish in rank profusion like evil weeds among the convictions of the generality of people, would infallibly wither away and die.

For ethics is no longer the criterion of what is valuable. Pragmatism is filled with the spirit of this realism. It permits men to take their ideals from reality. [Religion, p. 1520] Success and Truth Many famous lives of Jesus, which have prolonged ati honored existence through many successive editions, make but a poor figure, while others, which have received scant notice, appear great. Behind Success comes Truth, and he, reward is with her. [Quest, p. 12] The The pathway from Valley of Reality imperfect to perfect recognized truth leads through the valley of reality.

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