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Also talJRa- 'crush' - contam. ] PC cama 'also' [borrowed into Sib. Yup. ' Ke [Skor. ] PC cawat 'lasso' C: caat 'lasso' [caat- 'catch with lasso'] Ke: cawat 'lasso' [cawaatattu- 'catch with lasso'] K: cawat 'lasso' [cawatetko- 'catch with lasso'] A: sawat 'lassoo' [also as verb] I [Rad. ] PC cawcav(a) 'reindeer herdsman' [cf. ; origin of the ethnonym 'Chukchi', Rus. cukca] C: cawcaw(a) 'reindeer Chukchi (or Koryak), rich reindeer herdsman' K: cawcaw (stem cawcsv-) 'reindeer herdsman, reindeer Koryak' A: so"sav(a) 44 PC and PCK stems I [note taf+om 'Koryak' in Vol.

PCK? aeju- revive' C: eju- 'come to, revive (tr. ; Vol. 1976 has intr. izli-, tr. 4e-; Kib. et al. ; Rad. ' [cf. -lq(an); there is some entanglement with aju-] C: ejulqan 'swampy place' Κ [for ajolyan 'polynya' see aju-] A: ajusqan 'puddle' [Kib. ] PC aejup- 'prick oneself [cf. ] A: ajup- 'prick oneself PC aejv(aet)- 'share out' [cf. g. share of catch)' [and Bog. iran 'part of meat given to neighbours, alms'; t-ejwa-g- 'share out' - as noun 30 PC and PCΚ stems 'share, part'] Ke: ajwat-, t-ajuu-g(attu)- 'share out' K: j-ejvet-et-, j-ejvet-ev- 'share out' [with prefix öan-; Bog.

Asenggic), S asangyt (Rad. azanid); Sar. th. (secret)' [Moll & In. - also for erjin 'secret, dream' and eginman 'word, thought' (cf. ); S agenmetaken 'sacred'; Bog. has egi- 'tell tale about times past', also teg-egi- 'praise'] Ke: aijinma-yajqan 'interest(ing)' K: egirrtnake 'interesting', ei]inJmu jacca- 'interest', eqin'mu lag- 'cheer up' [and Moll has egirfman 'happiness, joke'; Rf. has eginmine 'word, speech'; note interjection of surprise egi-ηϋ] A: agirfma-tku- 'talk, chat', aqinman, aqinma-yargan 'conversation' [Kib.

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