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This crucial and wide-ranging publication examines the connection among the Greek city-states and the Hellenistic empire, focusing in particular at the interplay among Antiochos III and the towns of Western Asia Minor. Dr Ma methods this fabric from quite a few angles: narrative heritage, structural analyses of imperial energy, and analyses of the features performed by means of language and stereotype within the interplay among rulers and governed. This paperback variation contains a new preface and a piece of addenda.

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Phokaia: Pol. 6, L i v . 1-4, 1 1 . 1 5 . O n the omission of debate in the epigraphical evidence, Loraux 1997: 18: 'les décrets . . ' I also am grateful to R. Osborne for showing me a paper on this issue. 35 P. M . Fraser, reviewing Orth 1977 in CR 30 (1980), 158, argues that a study of the interaction between the Seleukids and cities should take the role of individual élite families into account; but it seems to me that the evidence is still insufficient for this sort of research (though note Carsana 1996, with reservations expressed by Gauthier, BE 97, 151 and a critical review b y I.

M . Bertrand, ZPE φ (1982), 1 6 7 - 7 4 ar>d Fr. 1613. Media: Robert 1949, Robert 1967. 30 T h e earliest epigraphical works quoted are Chishull 1728, Hessel 1731, followed by traveller-epigraphists like Leake (1824), Fellows (1839, 1841), Hamilton (1842). A m o n g modern examples of discoveries making important contributions, Gauthier 1989, Herrmann 1965a, Malay 1987. fragmentary literary sources. A single Seleukid document coming f r o m northern M y s i a and published by H. M a l a y in 1987 disproved a reconstruction of Seleukid territorial concessions to the Attalids in 216 and of the subsequent political history of the region.

T h e actual treatment all these themes receive is shaped by the sources; their state and the consequent issues of presentation can be reviewed in the remaining part of this introduction. T h e timespan I am considering (226-188 BC) is well documented in comparison with other, earlier, periods in Hellenistic history. T h e reign of A n t i o c h o s I I I falls within the ambit of P o l y b i o s , w h o was interested in, and quite w e l l - i n f o r m e d about, the Seleukid k i n g d o m and Seleukid activities in Asia M i n o r , no doubt thanks to a variety of sources, many being oral informants f r o m the Seleukid court or the Asian cities.

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